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Montserrat's longest operating diving and watersports company

is proud to be celebrating over 10 years of sharing the water wonders of Montserrat. Whether you are a diver, snorkeler, kayaker, boat tripper or a beach lounger we have a fantastic trip for you!

Run by Andrew Myers and Emmy Aston, who were named as 2 of the people making the Caribbean a Greener place, you will get something beyond the average tour.


What you get with us is:

Safety - First and foremost for you and your family. We will NEVER go out for the sake of a dollar! We understand the local sea conditions, have been captaining vessels for over 20 years, and won't put you in a bad situation.


Experience - From 1991 we started sharing the seas with others! We have shown 1000s the wonders of the sea, certified 100s! We specialise in teaching kids as well!

Enjoyment - We are out to have fun and give you the best trip around! We love Montserrat and want you to see the beauty too. We only take small groups on relaxed trips, make sure the conditions will be good for you, and give you special treats! 

Knowledge - 10+ years of diving Montserrat means we know the island's reefs like no one else! Add on to that 20+ years of exploring, working and doing marine conservation in the Caribbean, we've gotten to know the fish, creatures, corals and ecosystem very well.  So basically when you have questions about Montserrat's marine habitat, we are happy and able to answer them.




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