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Natural. Raw. Unique. Real.

Montserrat is a true escape from your life. 

It is how the Caribbean used to be. Uncorrupted by mass tourism that takes the soul from other Caribbean islands, Montserrat still welcomes visitors like new friends. It is simple, friendly, safe and real. No rush, no worries.

Raw natural beauty is all around.

Nature is on full display in Montserrat for you to experience. Undeniably special, Montserrat has a mesmerising active volcano where you can immerse yourself in it's history. Our island is a nature lovers paradise with days and days of diverse hiking trails winding through cloud forest, tropical forest, semi-arid lands, deep valleys, coastal views and tall peaks. Vibrant flowers, trees, plants and birds will surround you.  Self explore, join us or hire an island expert (we have a link for you below!).


Find your peaceful hideaway and breathe. Watch the sea for hours. Enjoy quiet beaches. Take in the sunset everyday, with your biggest decision being having to decide which beach to watch from (most rental villas have the perfect view too!). See the stars again, or maybe like you have never seen them before. Have a beer, a piece of chicken, or a fresh coconut water on the side of the road with new island friends.

A vacation to Montserrat will reset your life.

Check out below for some of the sights that await you and a bit of a travel guide and information to make your trip easier.

Sunsets rule!
Everywhere you look...

The travel basics

Getting to Montserrat is simple. Start with booking a flight to Antigua. There are direct flights from several US cities, Toronto and London. Next step is a quick easy flight over. Below are links to the Montserrat Tourism Board and the  Governor's Office (for general info) and the providers of Montserrat flights.
Travel guide

Where to stay?

Here are some links to vacation villa rentals, a few guesthouses/B&Bs, and the two hotel/inn places (there is a bigger accommodation list on the Tourism Board website). You won't find "All Inclusive's" in Montserrat, just great people running great places. 

Where to eat?

Next up restaurants. Gotta eat right? There are several grocery stores to fill the fridge of your villa or guesthouse. Here are a few places we like but there are tons of others. Some fancy, some island vibes, some beach places. 
Stop, Grab & Go - Cudjoe Head

What to do?

Finally, there is life above the water. Hikes, botanical gardens, museums, tours, Volcano Observatory to name a few. Great things to do and see!
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