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The Sea is life, it is our job to take care of it! MONTSERRAT'S LEADERS in MARINE CONSERVATION  

During our time on Montserrat we have made it our passion and goal to protect, preserve and restore our marine habitats. Every dive is an opportunity to assess and help our reefs. From the simple things like picking up a random piece of trash underwater or on the beach (luckily Montserrat is pretty trash free), to building marine habitat supporting and enhancing artificial reefs, to identifying important coral and fish species and their health, we work to make things better. We have conducted multiple marine environmental surveys, fought development plans (some wins some losses) and rescued corals from burial during island construction phases. 

We continue our work with the pursuit of new projects for corals and marine life. We control invasive species, clean our reefs and protect Montserrat's precious marine habitats.

Learn a bit about some of our work below:




We are very proud of  the Montserrat Reef Project, our recently created artificial reef, that will be part of Montserrat marine ecosystem  for years to come. 

We developed a strategy, worked with the local community and government officials, obtained grant funding, manually built, installed, expanded, and actively maintain our reef. We used the scientifically designed Reef Ball system create this fascinating reef.

It is an ever evolving marine habitat which replaces lost reefs in the volcanic zone.

We teach others how to build these amazing reefs here and abroad.

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