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Take a boat ride to see something special!
Check out our boating experiences:

Join our Montserrat Volcano Boat Tour, see incredible sights, learn about Montserrat's natural history and hear the stories of the people who made Montserrat what it is today.


Cruise the calm coastline all the way to the buried city of Plymouth while hearing about how the island was created - the geological, natural and local stories. It is a view and sense of the island you can only get from sea!


Not a hiker, kayaker or swimmer but want to spend some time on Rendezvous Beach? No problem! We do Rendezvous Beach Dropoffs! We pull the boat right up on the sand and you just hop off or on.

Dream about your own party on a secluded Caribbean Beach? Your dreams can come true! We do Rendezvous Beach Parties! Whether it is a party of 2 or 10 we can put a memory making experience together for you. We tailor the day to your desires!
Make the photos below your memories!
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