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Fresh new look, same great shop!

Its has been a long time coming, and a much needed refresh. Scuba Montserrat now have this fantastic new logo thanks to the amazing design company and studio Essyx Exhibits and Displays. Kim Guinn (and Jana Bandy) has had a home here for almost as long as we have been here (though he has been coming here much longer!). He is also a diver, an underwater photographer and an awesome dude! Super cool design we think! Captures the island. If you didn't notice he incorporated the Montserrat tartan colors into the design. Pretty slick, eh?! T shirts, stickers, and hats will be here soon!!!

We are also happy to have this new website. Hope you like it! We think it represents us well and what we are about. We love Montserrat! It is our home. Our goal with the new site was to show you Montserrat's stunning beauty. So BOOM lots of photos. All captured by Emmy or me (no stock photos here!). If you like to take photos come with us, we'll show you the best spots!

OK, that's it for now. Contact us with any comments or questions!

Let's get some Vitamin Sea Together!

#Scuba #Montserrat #Essyx #newlogo #newwebsite #diving #VitaminSea

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